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Table Plants: A door to many benefits

In this modern time, the amount of people working at home has increased compared to the past, especially during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Working in the same environment everyday can definitely dampen your spirits and as a result, it will affect your work. Among the many solutions to try, have you considered placing a leafy friend in your workspace or desk? Serving more than just decorations, here are some of the benefits of having table plants near you.


1. Plants reduce stress

Stress is a silent killer. As stress becomes undetected, we wouldn’t notice the harm it has on our body. However, many studies have proved that placing plants near you or in your working area can decrease stress. Humans have a natural desire to be connected with nature, which scientists call as biophilia. With the presence of a plant to take care of on your table, it can help you in managing work-related stress. Witnessing the table plant grow every day and giving it care has a role as a great mood uplifter, which can decrease stress.

Based on color psychology, it is said that the color green has a relaxing and calming effect. So, decorating your working area with green and placing plants could potentially have the same impact. 


2. Plants improve health

Most people spend a large part of their lifespan indoors. Without noticing, the quality of the air inside your house or any indoor area can become poor due to upholstery, furnishings, outside pollutants getting inside, building materials and cleaning products. This poor air quality can cause health problems, such as headaches, eye fatigue and throat irritation. Fortunately, studies have discovered that indoor plants can improve indoor air quality. A great example is aloe vera, which has many healing benefits, including its ability to clean the air. It is reported that aloe vera can eliminate the harmful toxins in the air. Spider plant can also be a good choice as a table plant because it is able to clean the air of benzene, carbon monoxide and xylene, which are organic compounds produced by furniture and carpets. 


3. Plants increase productivity

According to research by the University of Exeter in 2014, productivity can increase by 15% when your working environment is filled with houseplants. Seeing a table plant can get you psychologically engaged, making you happier and more productive. People who engage with their surroundings tend to achieve a greater output and have an easier time remaining focused.

For a solution that is cost-effective, it’s time to reconsider the value of having a table plant. In no time, your mood, performance and health will enhance.

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