Plant Care Tips: How to keep your plants alive during autumn

Plant Care Tips: How to keep your plants alive during autumn

Plant care tips: As temperatures gradually drop and the days become shorter, it is a sign that changes are a must for your plants. Just like we need to make changes to our clothes and routines when a new season comes, your houseplant babies will require some care changes as well once autumn arrives.

Basic tips such as changes in watering your plants and bringing plants indoors can help your plants thrive throughout the season. In this article we break down our top plant care tips to give the best houseplant care for keeping your plants healthy.

  • Bring your plants indoor and check for pests
  • Have you left your indoor plants outside to enjoy the sun during summer? Well, it seems like it is the time for a change as our number one tip in our guide for autumn plant care is to bring your indoor plants back inside. Plants that have been placed outside over the summer need to be brought back indoors before the temperature drops below 55℉ (12.5℃) at night.

    Before the move, make sure to examine both the top and bottom of the leaves for any pests that may have been living there. Don’t forget to check the stems and soil as well for any dead or decaying leaves.

  • Watering your plants less often
  • An adjustment of your watering schedule will be needed as autumn approaches. During autumn, the weather cools down and our houseplants are getting less sunlight, resulting in them growing more slowly. Moreover, water will evaporate more slowly compared to the warmer seasons, creating an enjoyable environment for pests if the soil stays wet for too long. So it is important to keep an eye on your schedule for watering your plants and to not water as frequently as you would in the summer. 

    To ease yourself of when to give water, our guide for autumn plant care recommends you to wait until the top 3cm of the potting mix is dry before watering again.

  • Help them get more light
  • As mentioned earlier, autumn brings shorter days and less sunlight available for your houseplants. An essential houseplant care, especially in autumn, is to keep the light levels up by placing them in the best lighting, such as near the window. Once a week, rotate your plants to ensure that all sides are covered and that your plant does not lean one way or the other. 

  • Try indoor greenhouse
  • Have you considered building an indoor greenhouse? Maybe now is the right moment to try! Indoor greenhouses bring many benefits especially if you are eager to do some gardening and grow sustainable food in your own home. Most importantly, it is a good way to protect and prolong the growing season of your houseplants during autumn as they give you greater control over a variety of factors that affect plant health. With an indoor greenhouse, it will make houseplant care easier for you especially during autumn. However, a few important things to consider before building an indoor greenhouse is the size/shape, material, budget and site conditions. Once you’ve figured all that out, then you’re set to build a cozy house for your plants!

    There are many plant care tips that we can follow, but we need to be more specific and careful during autumn. We hope these tips for autumn plant care will be helpful for your preparation before the season changes. Your plants will definitely thank you later!
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