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Must-Have Philodendron

Must-Have Philodendron. The COVID-19 pandemic affects almost all aspects in our life, including our everyday life. Today, many people have chosen to just stay at home to minimize the risk of being contracted with the coronavirus. This becomes one of the reasons why gardening is seeing a resurgence in interest. As people choose not to go out of their house, they try to look for activities that they can do at their house—one of which is gardening, of course!

Gardening becomes one of the leisure activities that people love to do because it does not only give the doers healing time by looking at their lovely houseplants but also gives them a sense of proudness when they can upload their lovely houseplants on social media platforms like Instagram.

Philodendrons are one of the dominant houseplants that people are going crazy over. Why? Because they’re pretty awesome—let’s admit it! They have a lot of fantastic species and varieties to choose from and are quite easy to grow. They can grow in low light and can survive in less water and fertilizer—so, it would not be too difficult for even a beginner gardener to grow their Philodendrons.

If you are interested in growing Philodendrons at your house, here are 4 must-have Philodendron species that are gorgeous and have breathtaking foliage.

Philodendron verrucosum

This type of Philodendron is probably the most favorite of all. It has spectacular emerald-green leaves that are lined with intricate golden veins—making it a must-have houseplant to make your indoor garden looks exotic. The petioles are hairy which may seem a bit off-putting, but you can consider it as merely an interesting characteristic and a wonderful example of the diversity of plant morphology.

Philodendron micans

If you are looking for an affordable type of Philodendron, you can choose Philodendron micans. This type of Philodendron is one of the most accessible, affordable and gorgeous velvet-leafed houseplants on the market. Philodendron micans is also quite easy to maintain. With only a little water and fertilizer—this plant can easily thrive at your house.

Philodendron pastazanum

This Philodendron variety is also known as Philodendron McDowell. This Philodendron is not vining in nature and can grow out quite high. It has large, glossy, ruffled foliage that will steal your heart easily. Besides, its white veining also adds a spark of brightness to the beauty of this plant.

Philodendron erubescens

Talking about a must-have Philodendron without mentioning Philodendron erubescens or the Pink Princess feels so wrong, right? Because this type of Philodendron has indeed made plant enthusiasts lose their minds over these pink-variegated plants in the last few years.  This can be understood because this plant has unique foliage coloration which can easily make you fall in love with them.

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