Live Plant Guarantee

For now, THIS ADD-ON IS ONLY OFFERED TO US BUYERS & CANADIAN BUYERS. Accidental/ Unporposed purchase of this Add-on is not excused to any buyers (not limited to US & Canadian Buyers).

Secure your order by adding this add-on insurance.
By purchasing this add-on you are aware and entrust Okanoka as the party with its trusted & reliable sources to handle your package accordingly.

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1. Live plants delivery. We guarantee that buyers receive the ordered plants.
2. 1x Replacement (free of charge) or 100% refunds of dead plants only.
3. Thorough assistance on claiming your package

Non- guarantee:
1. Yellowing leaves
2. Broken stems

1. Shipping cost (if any)
2. Add-on Secure Your Package Delivery

Terms & conditions Applied
To be eligible to receive the full benefits of this offer, please follow these instructions:

0. Add the add-on to your purchase.
1. 1 (one) add-on is valid for 1 package.
2. Posses import permit.
3. Provide green & yellow label. (for US buyers)
4. Generate local shipping label from closest/ agreed USDA/ Port to your home address (MUST USE UPS). (for US buyers)
5. Work things out with Okanoka thouroughly & patiently in regards to the shipment of your package.

This add-on product (optional) DOES NOT COVER your responsibility to pay for any costs outside of this store, but incurred by your government, DHL Express or any parties OUTSIDE of Okanoka in importing live plants. The costs are and NOT LIMITED to DHL fee/ local duty/ taxes/ local courier costs etc.

Please contact Okanoka if you have questions.


United States of America
Import Permit:
Green/ Yellow Labels :